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"I believe clients need to feel safe for treatment to be successful.I provide a safe environment for clients to be able to work on developing an individualized treatment plan that best meets their unique needs.And there you can squeeze plants taken from a 2 x (2' x 2') area into a single (2' x 1.5' area) lol! Things sure have changed since I was into CPs 40 years ago. t=159032 There may be better T8 fixtures, but IMO this is very good since its very very light, but its biggest con is that it is not stainless steel and can rust easily. Also, I didn't want to risk drilling into this one tank, so I am going to try and see if the mistking can be held by these suction cups.In the next few days, its about setting up some automation. I am still waiting for a patch job on a messed up reservoir. I made a mistake of drilling too fast and the plastic was so soft that it messed up the hole. I emptied like a whole tube of aquarium grade silicone to make it tight. Once thats final, I will hook up the system, program the mistking and alternatively time the fan to run after those intervals to slightly dry the plants/humidify, move the air around to stimulate a windy play with that settings.Mike From Jeff ****** to Me: that is stupid as hell and looks like crap.unless you have anything better to offer, dont waste my time.I still have a zoomed hygrotherm which I don't know how to use yet in this system.

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DE Babys – hier finden Sie alle Erfolgsgeschichten.I lost more than 2/3rds of my original collection and ALL of my rare species of neps...multiple macrophyllas, multiple villosa..that was 6" wide, jacquelineae, jambans...seedlings, dubia seedlings, aristos, villosa seedlings, hamatas, robcantleyiis and also very nice looking 4 year old lepanthes species such as telopogoniflora. Im just trying to figure out an easy way to drain it away before it goes stagnant and smelly. If they did, I would have never bought the custom big ones from Some highlights of that time: But that was back in the day..the end this is how the tanks looked. the new setup is 1/3rd the size of one of those older tanks. I thought about a recirc watering system, but those get kinda pricey and frankly are overkill for me. Lighting-wise I was hoping to use LED lights but couldn't find anything that has a balance of value to comparable performance of the T5s. The tanks were great, but the shipping was terrible.Basically as few of you may remember, early January last year, my setup went through a huge freeze and I lost a lot of rare and hard grown plants in my collection. Im putting smaller cps in them and moving away from the larger neps I had before. Right now, Ive got egg crate false bottoms to allow me top water.It was very demotivating and later, due to personal issues, the loss got magnified. The terrariums are so far proving much easier for me to care for and automate. Theres an inch and a half of space below it for water collection. When I got my old ones, exo terra didn't make any of these "low" lineup of tanks.

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