The 2016 cap reform accommodating wto pressures

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An impact of policy of EU agricultural support on the economic performance of agricultural enterprises is therefore an interesting question, especially for policy makers.

The agriculture in Slovakia has undergone significant changes, not only in terms of its position in the national economy, but also in terms of its importance at the regional level.

In: The European Union's Common Agricultural Policy Reforms.

Central and Eastern European Perspectives on International Relations.

It is the complicated policy that includes many tools.During the last thirty years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union (EU) has undergone substantial reforms.It is argued that the theoretical approaches used to explain and understand CAP reforms face certain empirical contradictions and limitations. The EU’s rotating trio Council Presidency after the Lisbon Treaty’, Journal of European Public Policy, 20(1), pp. (2015) ‘The New Intergovernmentalism: European Integration in the Post-Maastricht Era’, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 53(4), pp.

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